Best Nike Basketball Shoes Reviews

Nike is a multinational corporation that deals with the design, development, production and sales of footwear, sportswear, and many other products. It is one of the largest manufacturers of basketball shoes, sports shoes, and many other types of equipment for sports. Their products are specially designed to provide the maximum shock absorption, comfort, and traction.

best nike basketball shoes

In Nike best basketball shoes, the midsole normally comes with dual density to provide maximum control. The flared heels and heel counters are the stability boosters. Normally the best Nike basketball shoes are famous for its lightness, breathability, and comfort to make it the best basketball shoes in the market. Each Nike shoes are designed in such a manner to fit for different body and feet types. So the best Nike basketball shoes designing have a versatile specification to cover a broad spectrum of biomechanical requirements. Each Nike shoes cover all these factors in designing from the past decades to keep its position in the market as the best selling Nike basketball shoes. A minute mistake in the designing may cause a series injury to the entire body from legs to the spinal cord and even brain. So designing a shoe needs proper knowledge and expertise.

Gait analysis is a study of human motion to understand the walking pattern. Nike uses this series of human kinetics quantitative analysis which applies both mathematical and engineering principles to derive a perfect design for their sports footwear. This process is the backbone of every Nike shoes and the reason for them to become the best selling Nike basketball shoes. Motion analysis is also used for screening each Nike shoes for its best fittings.  Nike shoes are selected by the great athletes because of its fitness and style. Athlete’s opinion is to prefer Nike shoes because of its proper pressure distribution throughout the foot during running. While running, the pressure underfoot increases two to three times of body weight.

Each shoe design is first made by testing on a three-dimensional wooden model that is made by a model maker. This model undergoes different analysis in their laboratory.  An experienced designer is guided by the following measurements namely ball girth (Measurement around an object), instep girth, long heel girth, and stick length. Stick length is the overall heel to toe measurement. It is the last stage of designing. Then the wooden model moves to fabrication designing and sole designing, where the fabric materials, color, thickness, and features are selected as per the requirements depending on the market and trends.

Every best Nike basketball shoes catch the eye of a buyer because of its style. Nike shoe’s protection features are the best of its kind. The translucent rubber outsole and the printed air bags are the latest features designed in each Nike basketball shoes to keep its market standards updated. If you are searching for the best Nike shoes for basketball games, you can be sure about the quality of the materials used and the durability of the shoes. Happy shopping!

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